Life Update

Hi Everyone! It has been awhile since I have posted on my blog…a whole freaking year!!! There is a reason why…during COVID quarantine, I lost interest in reading. Honestly, my mental health wasn’t the best and reading wasn’t giving me what I needed at the time so I picked up on other things to help me such as watching K-Drama, cross stitching and becoming a BTS armyπŸ’œπŸ’œ!

But I am slowly getting back to reading again but this time I am allowing my moods to pick what I want to read which is working and not setting a reading goal is helping with not feeling pressure to read.

I setup this blog because I wanted to share books and authors I really enjoy reading. I wanted it to be fun too but it turn out to be more stressful because of trying post on daily basis. It became more of part time job instead of being something to do for fun.

I am changing my blog to not just be about books, authors I love but going to try to include the things that help me get thru these past two years that gave me happiness and help me. I can’t promise to post on daily or weekly basis but I will try to post on monthly basis. I will try not to disappeared again 😊.

Hope everyone is doing well and try to enjoy the summer!