Welcome Book Lovers!

My name is JoAnne and I am big book lover, love dogs (have 3 of them), love spending time with my husband, my son (19), and my best friends. I am also a big fan of the TV show Supernatural and have be able to attend some of the conventions for the show where I have met some of my best friends. The books I enjoyed reading are YA, Historical Fiction, Thrillers, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and anything with vampires, werewolves, etc.

I work fulltime in the Finance field, reading helps me relax and takes me to another worlds. Currently, I read about 5 books a month and my 2019 reading goal is to try to increase the amounts of books I read. Also, I am a moderator in TBR and Beyond Facebook group which is a lot of fun with people who love to read books and discuss about them.

I started this blog to share my love of books and review them. You will find my reviews on the books on my blog, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.