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Blog Tour – The Bitterwine Oath by Hannah West (Review & Mood Board)

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Bitterwine Oath by Hannah West hosted by TBA and Beyond Tours. Thanks to TBR and Beyond Tours and publisher for the opportunity to the read. I didn’t know about this book until the tour sign up was sent out and I thought it would be a book I would like to read and I was definitely not wrong.

The Bitterwine Oath

By Hannah West

Published Date: December 1, 2020

Genre: Young Adult Mystery

Synopsis: Every fifty years, a cult claims twelve men to murder in a small Texas town. Can one girl end the cycle of violence – and save the boy who broke her heart?

San Solano, Texas is a quaint town known for its charm, hospitality, and history of murder. Twice now, twelve men have been brutally killed, and no one knows who did it. A shadowy witch? A copy-cat killer? Or a man-hating murderess? Eighteen-year-old Natalie Colter is sure that the rumors about her great-great-grandmother’s cult of wronged women are just gossip, but that doesn’t stop the true crime writers and dark tourism bloggers from capitalizing on the town’s reputation. It’s an urban legend that’s hard to ignore, and it gets harder when Nat learns that the sisterhood is real, and magical. And they want her to join.

The more Nat learns of the Wardens’ supernatural history, the more she wonders about the real culprits behind the town’s ritualistic murders. Are the Wardens protecting San Solano from even darker forces? As the anniversary of the murders draws near, the town grows restless. Residents start getting “claimed” as this year’s planned victims, including Levi Langford, the boy whose kiss haunted Nat for a year.

Nat knows that no one is safe. Can she and the sisterhood stop the true evil from claiming their town?

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Hannah West is the author of young adult books including The Nissera Chronicles series and The Bitterwine Oath. ​She’s been writing fantasy since kindergarten, when she penned her first tale about a princess who ran away and lived at the top of a flagpole with two loaves of bread. But it wasn’t until she studied abroad in Orléans, France during college that the premise for her first novel materialized. The fairy tale castles, the snowy winter days, and a Disney princess pencil that arrived in a care package from her parents provided the inspiration that allowed her to wrangle all her untold and unfinished stories into a novel. 

Hannah currently lives in the Dallas area with her husband and their two rambunctious rescue dogs. 

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

Rating: 💜💜💜💜

The story started out at a slow pace in the beginning of the book but then it pick up speed after 100 pages. The slow paced didn’t bother me because West took time with introducing the characters and background between the two events that happen in different times that help understand what was happened.

The main character Natalie is learning about how her great-great grandmother is connected to murders that happened 100 years ago and trying to find out what and why the murders are happening again to find a way to stop them.

I really like this book especially the way West execution the world building with different genres mix together in the story where you get paranormal (ghosts), witches and horror in one story was done well. She created characters that you wanted to know more about and trying to figure out what they were hiding. The magic system and emphasis on the female friendship was done really well and how important the friendship were for the community.

Overall, it was good book to read and the way it ended makes me think that we might get another book to find out what is going on with Natalie and the small town of San Solano, TX.

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December 2020 TBR

Welcome to December! This year has gone fast and not the best year either, looking forward to 2021 and hoping it will be a better one. I am hoping that I will get a lot of reading done this month since we will not be travelling for the holiday.

The books I selected for my TBR this month are going to used for two monthly reading challenge this month. The two challenges are TBR and Beyond Book Club’s Do You Want to Build a Snowman Reading Challenge and Reading Rivalry monthly reading challenge which Harry Potter’s Hogwarts House theme. I only have two more books to read to reach my Goodreads reading goal.

Here are the books that I am planning to read this month, these might change depending on my mood.

What is everyone planning to read this month?

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday!

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Cover Reveal- Hunt (North #3) by Alexandria Warwick

Welcome to my spot on the cover reveal for Hunt (North #3) by Alexandria Warwick hosted by TBR and Beyond Tours.

Hunt (North #3)

by Alexandria Warwick

Publishing Date: Fall 2021

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


Deep within the frozen tundra, darkness is stirring. Nanuq, master of all polar bears, seeks a terrifying power that would grant him control over all who inhabit the North – both animal and man. Slowly, he builds his forces. Slowly, he moves his pawns.

Salvation lies with young Apaay. After being separated from her family, she finds herself deep in enemy territory, navigating a world of violence and cunning. But her quest for truth is only the beginning. The path laid before her will test her loyalties, beliefs, and even her own identity. For if Apaay is to live in a free world, she must embrace a destiny greater than anything she has ever known.

In this breathtaking third installment of the North series, Apaay discovers just how far she’ll go to protect those she loves, and to claim her place in a changing world.

In second grade Alexandria started a book writing club with her two friends where they made homemade t-shirts and published (i.e. stapled together) two books about camping our and throwing rocks at some boys when they stole their swings on the playground. The books were “gripping”, “earth-shattering,” and “like nothing you’ve seen before.” Said my parents.

She has never outgrown her love of crafting stories. In addition to writing, she is a classically-trained violinist. She also dabbles in watercolors from time to time. She feels most free when she is creating, it’s safe to say.

Monthly Wrap Up

November 2020 Wrap Up

Hi Everyone! It is the end of November! Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one and safe one too. This month I read 6 books, not as many I was hoping to get read but it is still not bad. I am almost close to reaching my Goodread Reading Challenge goal, just have two more books to reach it which will get done in December and I might be able to go the goal number by the end of December.

The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson: Second book in the Truly Devious series. the book left off with Stevie being sent home after the incidents at the school but then she returns with the help of a man she dislikes, Edward King convinces her parents that it is safe for her to return to the school but there is catch for his help. She will need to keep being friends with David and keep him from trouble. Of course there is still crimes from the present and past that need to be solve and Stevie is all willing to do so.

I really like this book, lately I have been burned out on fantasy and I decided to go back to reading mystery/thrillers again. This was perfect start of getting back into reading them again. I am definitely reading the next one in December. Rating: 💜💜💜💜💜

The Night Swim by Megan Goldin: ***TW: sexual assault, rape, victimization*** On her way to cover trial in North Carolina for Rachell Krall’s true crime podcast, the trial she is covering is trial of college swimmer accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. While on the road to the trial, Rachel is left a message on her dashboard asking her to look into possible murder that happened 25 years ago to girl named Jenny. The person that left the note is Jenny’s sister Hannah who wants and needs answers on what happened to her. Instead of Rachel covering the present case, she ends up looking into the past case.

This is the first book I have read from Goldin, the book was one of TBR and Beyond Book Club Group reads for November. This book is pretty dark and it has a very a strong message on how society perceived and treat victims of rape. I enjoy the book even though there were times I felt like I couldn’t get through it. I really enjoy the way the podcast was included in the book and I also listen to the audiobook. The audiobook made you feel like you were really listening to a true crime podcast. I am hoping we will get more story with Rachel and her podcast in the future. Rating: 💜💜💜💜

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James: This was another group reads for TBR and Beyond Book Club. This is the first time that I read a book from St. James but I was looking forward to it because I heard a lot about it. It definitely didn’t disappoint, it is a creepy, spooky thriller. I really enjoy it a lot and I didn’t mind the back and forth of the timeline. Rating: 💜💜💜💜💜

The Camelot Betrayal by Kiersten White: Find my review and rating, posted here.

Born at Dawn by Christina Davis: Find my review post and rating, posted here.

Lie Like Poison by Chelsea Pitcher: Find my review post and rating, posted here.

I did enjoy this months books…next month I am hoping to top my read count (hopefully).

How did you all end your November month? Did you have a good month of reading?