February 2019 TBR

It’s a new month, means gathering up books for TBR for February and putting them into my TBR cart. Unfortunately, I did not meet my reading goal for January but I am going to try to do better this month .

This month I decided to participate in some reading challenges with my participating in the group reads in TBR and Beyond Book Club.

Challenges I am doing this month are:

The first challenge is from Reading Rivalry called Iconic Couples (this is the first time I am doing this challenge). The following are the criteria for the challenge:

  • Author Highlight (Colleen Hoover, Jay Kristoff, Sabaa Tahir)
  • Love Triangle
  • Book that you think should be a movie
  • Book featuring a person of color
  • A Satire
  • A book recommended by a celebrity you admire
  • A Red/Pink spine
  • A book inspired by Asian mythology, legend, or folklore
  • A book you wouldn’t normally pickup

A book set in High School

I have chosen the books for this challenge and they are on my cart.

The second challenge is from TBR and Beyond Book Club is the monthly challenge called When Royalty Comes To Play. February - When Royalty Comes To Play

I chosen two ropes this time around, I chose the Snow Queen and Faerie Queen.

The books I chosen for Snow Queen rope:

And the books I chosen for Faerie Queen rope:

Also, I had one of the admins from TBR and Beyond Book Club to pick out two books to be included into my February TBR. I am going to be reading following:

The TBR and Beyond Group reads that I am participating in this month are The Gilded Wolves and White Stag.

That is it! I am hoping that I will get all of these read this month, majority of them are being used in both challenges this month so I should be able to get some of the completed.

Are any of these books on your February TBR? Are you doing any reading challenges to help reach your reading goal for the month? I would love to hear what your reading plans are for this month.




Final January Book Haul

January has been an interesting month for me when it came to buying books. I think I have a serious problem when buying books but I can’t wait to get these beauties onto my TBR this year.

This photo doesn’t include rhe the audible books that I purchased or the three books I ordered this ween from Barnes and Noble (going to include those in my February haul).

I decided that I am going to try to not buy any books in February (let’s see).

#bookhauls #bookaddiction #booklife

Teri Bailey Black Interview – Author of Girl at the Grave

Check out the Q&A with Teri Bailey Black on Girl at the Grave.

TBR and Beyond

Teri Bailey Black, author of Girl at the Grave

The TBR and Beyond Facebook group did a group read of Girl at the Grave back in October. It went fantastic and everyone seemed to really enjoy this Gothic romance/historical fiction. We asked Teri to answer some questions for the group and blog. There are spoiler questions at the bottom that were asked by various members in the group – the spoiler section is well marked, so you can avoid it if you haven’t read the book yet.

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2019 Reading Goals

Looking back on my reading challenge in Goodreads for 2018 and I am happy with what I did accomplished from May 2018 when I started the challenge. Compare to 2017 and previous years, I did really good…I didn’t read anything but textbooks for the last 6 years which I didn’t record any of those readings in Goodreads.  I can’t believe that I read 14,513 pages this year, I hope to accomplish more reading in 2019.

2018 reading journey

Reading Challenges that I am participating this year are:


  • TBR and Beyond – Yearly Reading Challenge: I am moderator for TBR and Beyond Facebook group and we are running a yearly reading challenge in the group. I hoping to get a lot of the 32 items done by the end of 2019.
  • The 2019 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge: Another challenge that I am going to do is Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge. It seems to be an interesting challenge which help me read different types of books that I haven’t in the past.
  • Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge: I have set my reading challenge on Goodreads from 37 books to 100 books. Let see if I can come close or even meet the 100 books.


  • Book Series: This year I want to finish all of the series books that I had started but never finished. I decided that I need to complete all of my unfinished series collection. My plan to include the one book from the series into my monthly TBR and I am hoping that will help me finish up with different series I have on my book shelf. Here are some of the series that I want to complete in 2019:
    • Cassandra Clare:
      • The Infernal Devices series
      • The Dark Artifices series
    • Sarah J. Maas:
      • Throne of Glass series
    • Alison Goodman:
      • Lady Helen series
    • Laini Taylor:
      • Strange the Dreamer series
      • Daughter of Smoke & Bones series
    • Leigh Bardugo:
      • Grishaverse series (Six of Crows)
  • Audiobooks: I want to increase my audiobooks collection, I am going to get a couple of my physical books in the audio version so that I can read them while I am at work, home (when cleaning and doing laundry), and driving long distance.
  • Backlist: Going to try to read some my older books that I have been on my shelf for a long time. Let’s see if I can accomplish that with all of the great new books coming out in 2019.
  • Reading Time goal: Setting time in the morning, afternoon and nighttime to read about 15 to 20 minutes day. Also going to read two books per week to get accomplish my TBR every month (crossing my fingers)

This all of my reading challenges and goals for 2019. Hoping that I will get majority of them done.



Welcome to my new blog!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my new book blog! I decided to start a blog to share my love of books and anything that holds my interest. I restarted reading books for pleasure instead of reading for college, I recently graduated with my Master degree in May and I decided it was time to get back into reading the books I love and am passion about. I thought creating this blog would keep me on track on my reading goals and reviewing/showcasing the books for others who would be interested in reading them.

I started to review e-arcs from Net Gallery which I will be posting on here, Amazon, my Goodreads, and my Instagram account.

Hope you all will follow me on my new adventure!